How far is the villa from the beach?
The closest beach (Playa de Castell) is at 4 km beeline distance to the villa essentially it is really just down the hill and a drive by car of 4-5 minutes. The beach is without doubt one of the nicest beaches of the Costa Brava, as it is a nature reserve and has no modern buildings. There is a guarded parking for the beach in summer so it is assured that you will always find your spot, even in peak season.
Do we need a car in Palamós?
Unless you bring bikes, a car really is recommended. Of course, if your goal is to chill out at the villa completely, you may not need a car, but grocery shopping or visiting the villages along the cost etc. is just much easier with individual transportation.
Where can I do my grocery shopping?
There are various supermarkets within 6-7 km perimeter. In walking distance, down the hill, you will find a bakery and for specialities, like meat, fresh fish etc. we suggest to take the 8 minute drive to Palamós, where you will find numerous butchers, delis, a market hall and the fish hall right on the quay, where the fishermen unload their boats with the catch of the day.
What else is there to do besides beachlife?
The Costs Brava is not only about beaches and summer fun. In spring and fall it is a great destination for cycling, hiking and other outdoor activities. In our guestbook that you will find at the villa, we have collected our highlights of things to do and of places to visit. So whether you are out for nature activities or for cultural quests, you will not be dissapointed by what the area has to offer.
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